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Our Services

We are a complete healthcare medical and non medial staffing company, our staffing solution will staff the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Laboratories
  • Assisted Living facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics
  • Private homes

We have qualified staff to provide excellent service, our range of expertise are:
RNs, LPNS, CNAs, GNAs and Home health care aides, our staffing solutions can be applied to different settings to meet your specific needs.

For private clients, eligibility requirements will include:

  • Patient must be declared by his or her physician to be home bound. Reasons can range from disability, chronic illness, fragile health state following a major surgery, and old age.
  • Patient must be unable to leave home with ease. If the patient does need to leave his or her home, it would be for a short period of time only and will require a care professional/family to escort him or her to doctor’s appointments, medical treatment, dental check-up, out-patient therapy, religious services, etc.
  • Patient must be required by his or her physician to receive staffing agency care services such as:

J3 Healthcare Services will quickly respond to your staffing requests. We serve all the Wards in the Washington DC area.